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White hair, the phenomenon is reversible: Link with stress


 When a strand of white hair suddenly appears, we think that it is inevitable.

However, American researchers have just demonstrated the link between stress. and early onset of cancer, and even that the phenomenon is reversible. 

White hair, the phenomenon is reversible: Link with stress

White hair: a decrease in the melanin level

Age and cellular aging decrease the level of melanin in the hair., a substance that gives it its natural color.

The decrease of this pigment can be linked to several factors such as heredity, a lack of nutrients but also stress.

This phenomenon generally occurs between the ages of 35 and 40 but can also occur at a younger age.

In this case, we talk about advanced canitis, a stop in the production of melanocytes which pigment the hair.

Link between stress and white hair appearance

For the first time, American researchers have just understood the link between stress and the appearance of white hair.

The phenomenon may even be reversible.

We call it sudden or early onset Canitis.

When you have a little white streak that appears in the middle of your ebony-black hair even if you are not 30 years old.

Suddenly, you think that this phenomenon is inevitable, that it is because of the passage of time.

Canitia: white hair appearance

Cancer is not the same thing as vitiligo, which affects the former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, and which is a skin depigmentation disease.

For canitia, it is the melanocytes, the cells that pigment our hair according to different mixtures.

To make browns, blondes, redheads, which after a while no longer do their job.

Several factors can explain it, such as heredity, time, and also stress

Researchers: hair bleaching due to stress

Data about this phenomenon was approved by researchers from Columbia University, who have just published their work in the journal eLife.

They asked 14 male and female volunteers aged 35 and over to keep a diary for a year.

It was by noting different events in their lives and their degree of stress, from 0 to 10.

For example, "I have to go to the dentist, level 10."

That's not an actual sentence from the study, but that's what I might have written, had I participated.

Along with this stress diary, the researchers took regular hair samples from the participants.

They then scanned them with a high-resolution scanner to see the degree of graying over time.

By including graying that is invisible to the naked eye. 

A reversible phenomenon until a certain age

The researchers also found that among the inventories, one participant went on vacation with five white hairs on his head.

When he returned, the five white hairs turned brown again (the study does not say where he went on vacation).

What is also original in these studies is that until now, hair discoloration due to stress has never been scientifically documented in humans.

It has only been documented in mice. When subjected to stress, adrenaline depletes the cells responsible for pigmentation.

Here, we can also see that stress can play the same role in human body, through adrenaline secretion, depleting the cells responsible for pigmentation.

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