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Marlboro boss calls for a 2030 cigarette ban in some countries


 2030 cigarette ban in some countries

Interviewed by the Sunday Telegraph, the CEO of Philip Morris International (Marlboro, Chesterfield ...) bets on a world "without cigarettes".

While his company (separated from Philip Morris USA) wants to reorient its business.

"We can see the world without cigarettes. And in fact, the sooner it happens, the better it is for everyone," Jacek Olczak said.

Marlboro boss calls for a 2030 cigarette ban in some countries

"With the right regulations and the right information, it can happen in 10 years in some countries.

And you can solve the problem once and for all."

In this case, the CEO was referring to the UK, but Japan could also be a frontrunner.

Marlboro boss calls for cigarette ban

The boss's exit is, however, consistent with the new ambitions of Philip Morris International, which manufactures Marlboro, Chesterfield, or L&M cigarettes.

For several years, the company has been looking to move out of the cigarette market for alternatives deemed less harmful.

Although, controversial such as heated tobacco and electronic cigarettes.

The group is also looking closely at the medical sector.

In early July, the company announced Friday an agreement to buy for a billion pounds Vectura.

Which is a British company specializing in medical inhalers to treat diseases including ... smoking.

In 2008, Philip Morris International separated from Philip Morris USA, which sells for the US only, is now owned by another tobacco giant Altria.

Medical turnaround about cigarettes

For several years, the PGD of Philip Morris International is indeed seeking to leave the conventional tobacco market to focus on its alternatives.

It was considered by some as less harmful.

In the line of sight of the giant, including heated tobacco and electronic cigarettes.

The tobacco giant is now also interested in the medical sector.

Indeed, in early July, the company announced an agreement to buy Vectura, for one billion euros.

The British company specializes in medical inhalers and care to treat diseases related ... smoking!

A buyout that sets the tone for the future of Philip Morris, after years of promoting cigarettes around the world.

Statements considered hypocritical by some

Anti-smoking groups are denouncing the hypocrisy of Philip Morris, as well as other global tobacco giants.

They position themselves "as part of the solution for a smoke-free world, while continuing to aggressively sell and promote deadly cigarettes worldwide."

Ian Walker, executive director of Cancer Research UK, a major British cancer charity, told the Sunday Telegraph.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco causes more than 8 million deaths worldwide each year.

Anti-smoking campaigners also, point out that Philip Morris executives have made similar statements in the past, without any real action to back them up.

In 2016, Jacek Olczak's predecessor, Andre Calantzopoulos, had expressed his desire for his company to stop selling cigarettes.

In 2018, he had reiterated his statements, saying he imagines a future without cigarettes for his group.

At the beginning of 2020, in Figaro, he had made similar comments to those of Jacek Olczak today.

"In some countries, we could manage, in 10-15 years, to bring down the number of smokers to 3% of the population and then stop smoking".

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