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The best alternatives to WhatsApp on Android and iOS in 2021


WhatsApp is arguably the most popular messaging app in the world with over 2 billion monthly active users.

However, I'm sure there are a number of you who are not too thrilled with WhatsApp and its link to Facebook.

Also, WhatsApp makes a recent decision to change its privacy policy.

Many of you, in fact, are actively looking for the best alternatives to WhatsApp!

In this article, we list two of the best alternatives to WhatsApp that you should definitely consider downloading, and using in 2021.

The best alternatives to WhatsApp on Android and iOS in 2021

Why the need for an alternative to WhatsApp?

Although there has been strong anti-WhatsApp sentiment since the messaging app was bought by Facebook in 2014.

This never really translated into a mass exodus.

That changed in January 2021, shortly after WhatsApp sent notifications to most of its 2 billion users about impending changes to its privacy policy.

The notification of WhatsApp

WhatsApp seemed to indicate that acceptance of the new policies would be interpreted as users' agreement to have their private information, shared with Facebook.

Within hours of users being informed of the new changes, there was an outcry on social networks.

People started looking for viable alternatives to WhatsApp, leading to a sort of mass exodus.

The media storm and general negative publicity on the issue eventually forced WhatsApp to delay the implementation of its new privacy policy.

After a global campaign to explain to users that the new changes will not affect their privacy, WhatsApp sends new announce.


The notification of WhatsApp

Telegram: The best alternative to WhatsApp

Telegram regularly finds itself at the top of the list in any article on alternatives to WhatsApp and for good reason.

As well as being packed with features, Telegram is visually similar to WhatsApp, giving users a sense of familiarity once they've made the move.

Why is Telegram better than WhatsApp?

User interface familiarity aside, what keeps most people loyal to Telegram are some of the basic messaging features that are better implemented than WhatsApp.

Telegram is a full-fledged messaging app that can do almost everything you would expect from such an app.

It supports one-to-one video chats/calls, group chats, channels, audio calls, creating bots and even allows for polling.

As you may have noticed, some of these features are not even present on WhatsApp.

Other notable features of Telegram

  • The compression factor of videos and images can be controlled.
  • Support for short video messages.
  • The ability to edit messages after they are sent.
  • Seamless movement of chat data from Android to iOS and back.
  • People who don't know you can't see your number in large groups.
  • Oh, and yes, no restrictions on group size. You can add up to 200,000 members!

Telegram's weaknesses

It's not all good news though. At the time of writing, Telegram does not support group video calling, a popular feature for WhatsApp users.

Another point of criticism is Telegram's end-to-end encryption, which is not enabled by default.

The company also recently indicated that it may introduce some form of advertising to address rising costs.

We believe that Telegram, even with some of its problems, is the best alternative to WhatsApp in 2021.

Signal Application: Great interest in privacy

Signal has established itself as a strong alternative to WhatsApp in 2021.

 The app's popularity soared shortly after WhatsApp made its famous announcement.

Having received support from the likes of Edward Snowden and Elon Musk, Signal has continued to focus on privacy and security as best features.

Signal, like WhatsApp and Telegram, also has a desktop application so you can send messages seamlessly via your smartphone or computer.

While not as strong as Telegram in terms of ancillary features, Signal's basic messaging functions are known to work quite well.

Those functions include one-to-one chats, groups, video and voice calls,

What sets Signal apart, however, is its commitment to being a secure platform and its commitment to remain so forever.

The company has stated that it will always remain free of ads and affiliations.

Signal's weaknesses

Signal currently has a user base of 50 million, which is significantly smaller than WhatsApp or Telegram.

What really stops people from switching to Signal is not the app itself, but the people lack to chat with on this secure App.

Signal is an excellent application for people who are suspicious and unsure of Telegram's true intentions
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