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Amazon commits to the legalization of Cannabis


Amazon is still moving in the right direction...

Last April, the use of recreational marijuana was legalized in the state of New York.

Thus "the city that never sleeps" joined the other 14 American states and the District of Columbia.

And that's not all, since the records of people who have already been convicted of marijuana-related offenses have been erased.

Amazon commits to the legalization of Cannabis

This is a considerable step forward for the Green GoldEmpire and Amazon has understood this as has Uber Eats.

That wants to extend its delivery business to the cannabis sector when its consumption is fully legalized in the United States.

Dave Clark, head of global operations, announced in a letter to employees that the company supports the bill to legalize marijuana throughout the US.:

We hope other employers will join us and that members of the House will move quickly to pass this legislation.

Amazon multinational online retailer

The multinational online retailer has just sent a letter to all its US employees along with a public statement.

Amazon employees will no longer be screened for cannabis during recruitment or employment, unless there is a problem.

Amazon also stands in support of the US MORE law on the federal legalization of weed.

The world-changing one gram at a time is on The Cannabist.


We knew the multinational company was rather flexible when it comes to CBD.

But until now the American company Amazon had never taken a position on the federal legalization of Cannabis.

It is done with a statement made Thursday and reported by the news agency Reuters.

In two short sentences Dave Clark, the CEO, has just put the prohibition planet on the floor. Hats off to him!

The legalization of Cannabis: Zero testing

This means that Amazon employees will no longer be subject to drug testing for Cannabis.

In the case their general attitude is correct and there are no incidents.

This is the kind of thing that has been done for a long time with alcohol in companies.

But Cannabis benefited as in France from a rule of exception: dogmatism.

However, this is not all and Amazon sets the bar a little higher.

The firm of Bezos now makes an official political commitment to the federal legalization of cannabis through the MORE Act.

MORE Act: key to legalization

The MORE Act is the key to federal legalization in the US.

This same legalization allows each state complete freedom to regulate its cannabis.

But the MORE Act is also, and above all, a national framework that is legal, equitable.

Also, it geared toward the rehabilitation of the minorities most affected by prohibition.


Yes, the prohibition of cannabis is a racist and xenophobic work, as all the studies show.

So Amazon is now taking up the cause of legalization, which the company will openly support in the USA.

It is a state of mind that takes shape through this position: An idea that will spread.

Today there are exactly 17 American states where cannabis for adult use is legal and regulated.

The new frontier is the legality and protection of financial exchanges, the sanctuary of banking exchanges.

Employment and equal treatment for American entrepreneurs will be guaranteed by MORE law as MORE justice, MORE freedom, MORE tolerance towards the most disadvantaged.

The Boss's Dumpling

While the apostles of the very patriotic and republican war on tricolored drugs are arguing, to the sound of the Marseillaise.

A great country of freedoms is about to renew with justice.

Amazon gives the LA of a score whose words remain to be translated.

A hymn of peace and judicial amnesty while France debates the number of new prisons it should build and deploys more cops everywhere.

More and more states are taking the plunge.

Amazon is thus positioning itself on the side of the American left, which regularly criticizes cannabis prohibition.

Because according to many NGOs and elected officials, these repressive laws disproportionately affect communities with large black and Latino populations.

"In the past, like many employers, we have disqualified people for positions at Amazon if they tested positive for marijuana use," Dave Clark acknowledged.

To keep up with the changing laws in some states, "we will no longer include marijuana in our extensive drug testing programs," he added.

As with alcohol, testing will be done only in the event of an incident, after the fact.

The governor of New York State signed a law at the end of March legalizing recreational marijuana.

It is joining 14 other U.S. states where an adult can smoke a joint without being bothered by the police.

In the wake of this, a class-action lawsuit was considered to attack Amazon on the grounds that the company was violating a New York law.

That is by testing job applicants locally before considering hiring them.

To date, even in states that allow it, Amazon does not sell marijuana on its platform.

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