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Apple MacBook Pro: Bad news for fans


Delay for the iPhone 12 family

Apple may have weathered the economic and logistical impact of the Coronavirus pandemic better than most other companies last year.

But it still caused a delay for the iPhone 12 family.

Bad news for Apple MacBook Pro fans; Now, history is expected to repeat itself with the upcoming MacBook and iPad.

It all comes down to the industry-wide chip shortage impacting various components.

Apple is not alone in this, but its high profile will likely make it the unwanted poster child for this problem.

Bad news for Apple MacBook Pro fans

Cheng Ting-Fang and Lauly Li report for Nikkei Asia:

"The chip shortage has led to delays in a key stage of MacBook production.

The assembly of components on circuit boards before final assembly - sources briefed on the matter told Nikkei Asia.

 Some iPad assemblies, meanwhile, have been delayed due to a shortage of displays and display components, the sources said."

The question now is what approach Apple will take with its new products.

The new iPad is expected to launch in the coming weeks.

While the next update to the MacBook Pro, which will bring the improved and presumed M1X processor.

It is scheduled for the first half of 2021, possibly as part of the WWDC 2021 keynote.

Last year's iPhone launch may well be the precedent we should be looking to build on.

The smartphone family was announced a month later than the traditional plan, in early October instead of September.

The four phones were released in a staggered fashion through the end of November, when there were likely enough phones to satisfy orders.

This suggests that Apple will hold off on releasing the new hardware until the company has enough inventory to meet initial demand.

Rather than creating an artificial shortage in the market.

The success of the MacBook

The MacBook is the most important in the range of computers of the Apple brand.

The MacBook has an OSX operating system and the iLife software suite is already installed.

People who are considering getting a MacBook should be aware of its strengths and weaknesses to make the right choice.

With a very fast processor and a large screen, it can easily and quickly get a memory upgrade.

Moreover, the cable connection to the internet is super fast Gigabit Ethernet, allowing a speed of one billion bits every second.

The MacBook also has a built-in iSight webcam that can be used for video conferencing, which can also be used to take videos or photos.

The design of the latter is simple but elegant, with the Apple logo well highlighted that is usually found on the cover.

When the screen is turned on.

Find out in the following article, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this successful device.

The main advantages of the MacBook

The MacBook does not contain any viruses, so there is no need to reinstall the OS every 6 months.

It is very easy to use, everything is there, you can do whatever you want, work, play, etc...

It can easily communicate with Linux and windows. It is a universe of its own, pleasant to live in.

If we make a small comparison, the Mac is much faster and more stable than a PC.

  • The main reasons for this are: on the hardware side, 100% of its computers are made by Apple;
  • On the software side, it also develops its own operating system.
  • If we talk about MacBook Air, its thickness is almost smaller than a notebook; it is certainly the lightest and thinnest Mac ever.
  • The resolution of its screen allows it to play HD and UHD videos.
  • As for the MacBook Pro, it's very high-end hardware configuration and sport with Retina display are worth it.
  • The 2017 version of the latter consists of an HD resolution that allows its users play 4K videos.

How MacBook works

MacBook does not make any noise when used normally. So when it's running, no noise should be heard.

This luxury of silence that everyone appreciates is due to the fact that most of the range is equipped with a flash memory hard disk (SSD).

Apple is working hard to ensure that its fans are inaudible to the user.

For years now, rumors have been circulating that viruses are coming to the Mac...

And for years now, all Mac users have been surfing the Internet without any worries.

 Be careful, you have to know the difference between viruses (programs that install themselves without the user having done anything).

And some malicious software that exists on the Mac (these are installed by false manipulation by the user).

A MacBook is synonymous with "Plug and Play", you turn it on and it works.

The Windows system can be used on a Mac (on a MacBook Pro for example, you can have a full screen in Windows 8).

The disadvantages of the Macbook

If we talk about budget, the MacBook is expensive, the components and accessories are outrageously expensive.

  • It is not made for gamers because it is a world apart. The evolution of its components takes much more time.
  • There is an absence of some software (Autocad, Office Project) which forces some users to keep their Windows in a corner.
  • As far as the MacBook Air is concerned its thickness is a great advantage.
  • But it is also a huge compromise in terms of performance.
  • If we talk about the MacBook Pro, some users have recently complained about the battery life;
  • They say that the battery life of the MacBook Pro 2017 is much less than the 10 hours that Apple has announced.
  • The latter is basically based on the use of the graphics processor.

Reasons why buyers are reluctant

There are 5 main reasons why buyers are backing out.

  • Lack of power is a risk with a MacBook because its Intel Core M processor is indeed sufficient for everyday use.
  • But for video editing and high-definition photo editing, it may quickly find its limits.
  • It has only one port, the USB-C connector, which is used to recharge it. 
  • Its webcam is not willing to film in HD.
  • Given its price (which is still quite high), not everyone can afford to buy it. The MacBook is not upgradeable.

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