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The creepiest experiments in history


1-Coffee instead of the death penalty

The first creepiest experiment is a coffee instead of the death penalty.

At the end of the 18th century, King Gustav III of Sweden wanted to know the side effects of coffee.

To do so, he proposed to twins condemned to death to transform their death sentence into a life imprisonment.

With the only condition that one drink three pots of coffee per day and the other three pots of tea.

The only problem is that the scientists who were following the experiment died before the condemned...

For your information: the tea drinker died first.

The creepiest experiments in history

2- Food through a hole in the stomach

This creepiest science experiment was established by the American military Doctor William Beaumont.

He tried the experiment with patient who, following a hunting accident had a hole in his stomach that allowed direct access to the stomach.

With the help of a rope, the doctor introduced all kinds of food into the stomach such as oysters and roast beef.

This study led to the discovery of the importance of gastric juices in digestion and marked the beginning of glory for Beaumont.


3. The creepiest experiment: Watching tar drops

In 1927, Professor Thomas Parnell of the University of Queensland in Brisbane began an experiment.

It is still in progress and has become the longest experiment in the world.

The tar drop experiment seeks to demonstrate that certain solid materials, such as tar for example, were liquid materials.

Since 1927, tar placed under a glass ball has produced exactly 8 drops.

Exciting, the experiment can be followed live here.

For this revolutionary experiment, the scientist received posthumously the LG Nobel, a parody of the Nobel Prize in 1995.

4. Experiment of the survival of decapitated dog

This is undoubtedly one of the creepiest experiments ever performed.

In the 1920s, a Russian doctor Sergei Brukhonenko wondered how a head separated from its body could survive.

Since using human heads was not an option even then, Brukhonenko opted for dog heads.

He managed to keep them alive with machines that simulated the action of the lungs and heart.

It is from this experiment that the first heart-lung machines were developed, which saved many lives later on.

Brukhonenko will be remembered as the Russian Frankenstein.

5. First experiment on head transplantation

To remain in the field of head experiments, Robert White succeeded thanks to subsidies from the American state.

That was in performing the first head transplantation on a monkey on March 14, 1970.

When the monkey wakes up from the anesthesia with a new body, it tries to attack the doctor.

The poor monkey survived the operation for half a day before dying of complications.

White thought he would be hailed as a hero, but instead he was heavily criticized by the public.

Nevertheless, he continued to seek other supporters to continue his research.

6. Experiment on bringing dead man back to life

Keeping a dog's head alive is one thing, but bringing dead people back to life is another.

However, this is what Giovanni Aldini tried to do on January 17, 1803 on the murderer George Forster.

Forster had just been executed for his crimes when Aldini placed electrodes on several parts of his body to circulate electricity.

Aldini then discovered that certain muscles moved and that the dead man even opened an eye.

This experiment served as an inspiration to two famous authors, Mary Shelley and Edgar Allan Poe.

7. Weird experiment about excited turkeys

In the 1960s, Martin Schein and Edgar Hale were interested in sexually excited turkeys.

Not exactly a subject that keeps the scientific world awake. Their study was based on turkeys mating with fake female turkeys.

At the beginning of the experiment, the simulated females still look like the real thing.

But little by little they are stripped of their wings, tails, etc. In the end, only the head and a stick remained.

However, the males were still interested.

What did we learn from such an experiment? That turkeys have a lot of love to give and that they are not picky eaters.

Or in other words, they take what is offered.

8. The face made when you decapitate a rat

A laugh expresses joy, a frown expresses annoyance.

But is there a universal expression for disgust? That's what psychologist Carney Landis asked himself in 1924.

Landis smeared the faces of his subjects to better perceive their expressions.

He subjected them to various tests such as watching porn, putting their hands in a bucket full of frogs or decapitating a live rat.

Despite his many attempts, Landis was never able to link facial expressions with feelings.

9. More weird experiment: The soul weighs 21 g

In 1907 the American doctor Duncan MacDougall wanted to know the weight of the soul.

Six patients suffering from tuberculosis were weighed on industrial scales as they passed from life to death.

The experiment showed that the patients lost weight as their condition worsened.

This is probably due to the loss of fluid secretions.

However, at the time of death, the patients all lost significant weight: 21 grams on average.

The weight of the soul?


10. The creepiest Project: MKULTRA project

In 1950, CIA scientists began experimenting with all sorts of mind control inventions.

They used LSD, electroshock therapy and sound repetition.

 Most of their research was destroyed during the Watergate scandal.

But there is evidence that the government drugged citizens without their knowledge in order to observe them.


11. STANFORD prison experiments

The subjects of this experiment were separated into two groups.

The first group was the "guards" and the second group was the "prisoners".

 Despite the fact that their role was randomly assigned, the "guards" quickly developed sadistic behavior, forcing the "prisoners" to undress in public.

Also, prisoners were forced to sleep on the hard concrete.

One "prisoner" was so traumatized that he developed a nervous breakdown and was forced to abandon the experiment.

And their sentence is irrevocable (Koh-Lanta on Shutter Island, apparently).

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