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Happy Easter day 2021


Last Sunday, there was no Palm Sunday procession, which commemorates the triumphal welcome with palm branches given by his disciples to Jesus entering Jerusalem.

Due to health regulations that limit gatherings to 6 people, the faithful remained in the vicinity of the church. 

This feast opened the Holy Week which could benefit, as well as the mosques, of the daily reopening of the places of worship.

And this Saturday of the Easter vigil, the fire was watched over only by the priest. But in the joy of not being confined this year to celebrate this feast.

Although largely topped by Christmas, is the most important for Christians as Father Bienvenu Kasongo explains:

"Easter is the passage; this feast is the foundation of our faith.

If Christ had not risen, our faith would be in vain, since he shared our life and gave his to save ours from our sins.

This invites us to rise with him. This is the summit of our salvation and redemption.

The living Christ must give us all strength and courage.

In the epidemic context that we are living, this is the testimony that we must not despair, not be discouraged. "

Happy Easter day

1. Nostalgia for our childhood Easter

Bunnies, chickens, ducks and chocolate eggs.

We couldn't wait to open those yellow or purple ribboned boxes and pull out the subject lying in the paper straw.

That smelled like vanilla sugar. On Easter Monday evening, the animal was devoured.

2. And of our family Easter

In the life before the Coronavirus, my old lady would set a beautiful table.

Everyone would find a nice wrapped chocolate in front of their plate.

We would share a good meal and celebrate. What remains of all this?

3. Remains: the Manon

The ultimate treat: a praline made of fresh cream flavored with coffee, a nut in a praline chocolate base, all covered with white chocolate.

You give this to my old lady, she purrs... I always bring her one at Easter.

- Oh, my God, not Manon! You shouldn't have, it's so rich.

- Don't worry, I didn't take much.

- Good, they don't keep for long.

She can't resist it.

There was a time when she would park on Park Avenue in front of the Belgian chocolate shop.

 And buy three of them to devour in her car on the way home.


I have a nice bag of them for her this Sunday.

A very small Easter, but if you think about that cursed time, you should be thankful that you are still alive.

How I wish I had faith in our collective sense of morality and believed that despite the "disgustingness" that we are experiencing.

 We will remain disciplined!

If we don't resurrect, who knows, maybe we can live again...

Happy Easter!

4. Easter Greetings

Would you like to send a beautiful Easter card to your loved ones?

If you can't think of the right words to write, here are a few ideas that you can use as inspiration. For all ages

To the whole family

"Happy Easter! May the sun shine on this beautiful holiday and may you all have a great time with your family."

"I hope you have a wonderful Easter, surrounded by loved ones and beautiful spring sunshine."

"Happy Easter weekend to the whole family! What could I wish you better than sunshine, rest and a gourmet feast?

A beautiful program that I will try to implement as well. Big kisses to share!"

"For us foodies, Easter is the holiday of all temptations! Now is not the time to deprive ourselves, we'll think about it later.

Happy Easter and watch out for the liver attack!"

To her friends

"Easter is a great time of year, especially when we get together as a family for a beautiful, warm celebration.

I wish you and your loved ones a very happy Easter."

"I am thinking of you well today. I hope you enjoy this beautiful spring day hunting for eggs with your little family.

Have a great time together, wishing the sunshine would come out."

To her parents and siblings

"Easter is a holiday that brings people together.

Even if this year we do not spend it together, in thoughts I feel with all of you.

We are a beautiful family, with its difficulties, its ups and downs, but alive and warm. Happy Easter!"

For the kids

"Nature is getting all beautiful at the moment! She is waking up after a long winter sleep.

For you too, I hope this is a sweet and joyful time.

I wish you a beautiful Easter and give you a kiss."

To her grandchildren

Happy Easter, my bunny

"I hope you have a very fun egg hunt! I hope you collect a mountain of chickens, bells and chocolate eggs.

Also, take time to look at how beautiful nature is getting right now! Enjoy the little flowers and the beautiful spring sunshine."


"Pretty Easter bells, bring this little girl/boy I love very much a big basket of chocolate treats.

May the harvest be good, little treasure, but don't eat it all at once, so you won't be."

For his nieces and nephews

"I hope the Easter hares bring you chickens and chocolate eggs. Will you save some for me? But no.!

I was just kidding it's all for you, of course.

But take your time tasting them, or your little tummy will complain. Happy Easter, sweetie."

With a poem

Ding, ding, dong!

The bells are back!

They chime happily

Before depositing on the grass

Decorated and greedy eggs.

Ding, ding, dong!

Happy Easter!

I found in the garden,

A beautiful travertine egg.

I found in the kitchen,

A basket of goodies.

I found near the Lilac tree

A chocolate chicken

And a nougat rabbit.

And all this, just for me?

It's too much for my stomach,

Thank God you're here:

We'll share it all!

Loaded with eggs and treats,

The bells are back

To surprise the children

That they discover at dawn!

5. For Christians

Easter is a day of rejoicing for Christians, as it commemorates the resurrection of Christ.

That's why we also offer some ideas for texts that focus on the religious significance of this holiday.

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