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Prince Philip's death an irreplaceable loss


Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died 9 April morning at the age of 99, Buckingham Palace announced.

"It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty the Queen announces the death of her beloved husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh". 

Recently hospitalized, the sovereign died "peacefully this (Friday) morning at Windsor Castle.

Prince Philip had left the hospital on March 16, a month after his admission for an infection and then heart surgery.

Holder of the record for longevity of spouses of sovereigns in the United Kingdom, Prince Philip had retired publicly in 2017.

At the age of 96, after honoring his 22 219th and last solo commitment.

That is according to a parade reviewing of the Royal Marines, of which he was the general in chief.

In January 2019, the Land Rover he was driving had collided with another vehicle while exiting a driveway on the Sandringham estate and overturned.

He was uninjured in the accident and gave up driving.

Prince Philip's death

1. Tribute to Prince Philip death

  • A sobering tribute for Harry and Meghan

A dark background and a message in white letters, "In memory of His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh, 1921-2021," reads the homepage of the website of Archewell.

The charity and audiovisual production organization founded last year by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

"Thank you for your dedication... You will be greatly missed," the virtual tribute to Harry's grandfather also stated.    


  • Barack Obama reacts in turn

The 44th president of the United States also offered his condolences to the royal family on the day of 9 April evening.

It’s recalling the major role of Prince Philip with the queen Elizabeth.

"Her Royal Highness has proven that a true partnership has room for ambition and selflessness."

Barack Obama commented on Twitter, adding "all in the service of something greater." 

  • Merkel hails Prince Philip's "sense of dut”

Angela Merkel expressed her "great sadness" Friday after the death of Prince Philip, a German government spokeswoman said.

"His friendship for Germany, his frankness and his sense of duty remain unforgettable," Ulrike Demmer tweeted on behalf of the chancellor.     

  • Donald Trump's tribute

A few hours after the announcement that Prince Philipp was died, Donald Trump reacted through a statement.

"The world is in mourning after the day of Prince Philip death.

 A man who embodied the noble soul and proud spirit of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.;

This is an irreplaceable loss for Britain," wrote the former president.

  • Boris Johnson's tribute

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, spoke from 10 Downing Street.

He praised the "extraordinary" life and work of Prince Philip, calling him "an environmentalist long before it was fashionable".

"We will remember [him] for all of this and especially for his unwavering support for Her Majesty the Queen.

Not just as her husband, by her side every day of her reign, but as her 'strength', for over 70 years."

2. Elizabeth II will not abdicate

Despite the death of Prince Philip, there is no question of Elizabeth II, aged 94, following the example of her Belgian, Dutch, Spanish counterparts.

Who have passed the baton to the next generation, an abdication is not on the agenda in London.

In this, the world's most glittering and high-profile constitutional monarchy differs from those in the north and south of the Old Continent.

3. The Royal Navy, He is greatest sacrifice?

In 2011, speaking to BBC, Prince Philip expressed his regret at having to leave the Royal Navy after his wife's accession to the throne.

 "It seemed to me that it would have been of great use to the Queen, when she finally became Queen.

To have someone who was, in a sense, professionally qualified in something and not just loitering around.

"But thinking about it a little, being married to the queen Elizabeth."

 It seemed to him that his "first duty was to serve her as best [he] could."

4. Strained relations with his eldest son

According to the weekly Mail on Sunday.:

“Relations with his eldest son, Charles, "have never been particularly warm" and fell "to the bottom" in 1995.

The two men would have entered "at war".

After the decision of the Duke to cut down 63 oak trees in the park of Windsor Castle. ;

Prince Charles accused his father of vandalism, according to the newspaper.

Philip, generally described as cold father, had decided to send young Charles to Gordonstoun, an austere Scottish boarding school where he himself was raised.

"A Colditz in kilts," Charles was later to comment, referring to the German fortress for prisoners of war.  

Emmanuel Macron salutes Prince Philip's "commitment to the environment

In a tweet written in English, French President Emmanuel Macron sent his "most sincere condolences" to the royal family.

Also it saluted the memory of Prince Philip and his "commitment to youth and the environment. 

Joe Biden salutes "decades of dedicated service" of Prince Philip.

U.S. President Joe Biden hailed the "decades of dedicated service" of Prince Philip, who died yesterday. "

Prince Philip devoted himself to the people of the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and his family," said Joe Biden.

 He is applauding in particular the "environmental" commitments of the Duke of Edinburgh in a statement. 

5. A not so ideal son-in-law

 While Elizabeth always described the Duke of Edinburgh as her "rock" and "support".

The Windsor family was far from convinced by the fiancé she presented to them.

According to Sir Harold Nicolson, a diplomat and writer, King George VI and his wife found him "rude, impolite and unmannerly".

Also, he felt that "he would probably be unfaithful.

 They tried to present their daughter with other candidates who were more in keeping with the profile, they were looking for.

The British aristocracy was, in this post-war period, very uncomfortable with the prince's German connections.

In private, it is reported that the Queen Mother called him "the Hun".

The Prince's three sisters, married to German princes close to the Reich, were not invited to his wedding with Elizabeth.     

"Philip of Edinburgh has always been the bodyguard of Her Gracious Majesty.:

Prince Philip has lived in the shadow of Elizabeth II while fulfilling his mission with rectitude.

The historian Philippe Delorme draws the portrait of the husband with a temper.    

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