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Paul Ritter dies of brain tumor at 54


British actor Paul Ritter, who appeared in the harry potter franchise and played a key role in the TV series Chernobyl, died Monday. 

His agent announced Tuesday. He was 54 and suffered from a brain tumor.

Paul Ritter had recently played nuclear engineer Anatoli Diatlov in the HBO drama Chernobyl.

He had also been the wizard Eldred Worple in harry potter and the half-blood prince.

And a devious political agent in the 2008 James Bond film 007 Quantum.

Paul Ritter dies

The actor was a finalist for American. theatres tony award in 2009 for his performance on Broadway in Alan Ayckbourn's comedy the Norman conquests.

The Markham, Froggatt & Irwin agency said Tuesday:

Paul Ritter died Monday night "peacefully, at home, with his wife Polly and sons frank and Noah by his side."

1. Statements from Ritter's colleagues

Those who worked with Ritter in his most famous roles appreciated him.

Robert popper, the creator of "Friday night dinner," said Ritter "was a charming and wonderful human being.

Funny, kind, super caring and the greatest actor I’ve ever worked with. "

"Chernobyl" screenwriter Craig Mazin declare on twitter that Paul was "one of the sweetest, most gracious and brilliant people I’ve ever known.

We lost him today, and way too soon. I wish his family and his love peace and comfort as they mourn the passing of this fine man.  "

Ritter was a compelling stage actor, a frequent and memorable performer in national theatre of Great Britain productions.

Including "all my sons," "Coram boy" and "the curious incident of the dog in the night-time…"

He also appeared in "art" at the old Vic in London and on a west end stage as Prime Minister John major.

Performing opposite Helen Mirren's queen Elizabeth II in the royal drama "the audience"

Actor Russell Tovey said Ritter was "one of the nicest and best actors you've ever met."

Actor and comedian rob Delaney tweeted that Ritter had "chased him out of Chernobyl park.

Watching him, I consciously thought, 'Oh, we have a new movie star.

Between that and how funny he was at the Friday night dinner ... Just an unreal talent.

"Paul was an exceptionally talented actor playing an enormous variety of roles on stage and screen with extraordinary skill," the agency said. "

He was extremely intelligent, kind and very funny. He will be greatly missed. "

2. Biography of Paul Ritter

Paul Ritter is a British actor. Born on March 5, 1966, he began his career in the 1990s, during two episodes of the bill.

From there, he will chain the roles on small and big screen across the channel. But in France, it is for his film roles that he is best known.

In 2000, he played dive in the nine lives of Tomas Katz, before joining the cast of Hannibal Lecter: the origin of evil in 2007. 

He also had a role in quantum of solace, a James bond film released in 2008.

Playing the character of guy Haines, before joining the huge cast of the harry potter saga for episode 6.

In harry potter and the half-blood prince, released in 2009; he plays the character of Eldred Worple.

In his filmography:

We also count the films nowhere boy (2009), the eagle of the ninth legion (2011), French suite (2014) or inferno released in 2016.

On television also, Paul Ritter chains the roles, especially in series known to the British.

We could see him in the investigations of Vera from 2011 to 2013, but especially in Friday night dinner (playing the role of martin).

He also had a role in inspector Barnaby, no offence or cold feet.

More recently, he played the role of Anatoli Diatlov in four episodes of the series Chernobyl.

His last role was in 2019, he played Marcus levy in the British series the capture.

Paul Ritter died on April 5, 2021, when he was 54 years old. He died of a brain tumor.

3. Who played Paul Ritter in harry potter

Like many British actors, Paul Ritter had a part to play in harry potter.

His role will certainly speak only to the most passionate fans of the universe of the young wizard.

We can see the actor in the role of Eldred Worple in the sixth episode of the saga.

This character appears for a scene during the Christmas dinner organized by Horace Slughorn.

If you remember well, Eldred Worple proposes to harry potter to write his biography, proposal that the protagonist declines.

A small role, but it allowed the international public to discover Paul Ritter.

4. What was his role in Chernobyl?

Paul Ritter also appears in the cast of Chernobyl, a dramatic mini-series broadcast in 20199 on HBO.

This one comes back on the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl in 1986.

 Paul Ritter plays in four episodes of the series, in the role of Anatoli Diatlov, the deputy chief engineer of the nuclear plant.

It was he who directed the various tests that led to this unprecedented nuclear disaster.

The series was unanimously acclaimed by critics and viewers.

In fact, it won four Emmy awards in 2019 (including best mini-series) and two golden globes in 2020.

5. His role in quantum of solace

In the Filmography of Paul ritter, we find the mention of quantum of solace.

The British actor has indeed had a role in this James bond film starring Daniel Craig and released in 2008.

He plays guy haines, one of the antagonists of the British secret agent and adviser to the prime minister in the film.

6. The wife of Paul Ritter

Very discreet about his private life, Paul Ritter was married to a certain Polly.

Together, the couple had two children: Noah and frank, his sons.

 The family was with the British actor at the time of his death on April 5, 2021.

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