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Most Horrible Events already happened in 2020 year


Many saw January 1, 2020, as a new decade that marked the beginning of a whole.

With optimism and a chance for a fresh start in life, but as the summer 2020 progresses,

many are wondering if 2020 year can get any horrific event following a string Australia fire..,

Airplane crashes, social disturbance, riots the USA, the deadly explosions and other major bad events, all under the cloud of the corona virus Pandemic (COV-19).

So, let's jump straight to 2020 sum up and began with the first Event in the 2020 year meme.

Most Horrible Events

1. Australian Bush Fires

The black summer, is the name given to the Australian bushfire season, which took place in 2019-2020.

The disaster began with successive, severe and uncontrolled fires from June 2019, mainly in the southeast of the country.

The damage is estimated in almost three billion animals that were killed or unfortunately displaced during the devastating bushfires.

  • According to scientists:

This fire is one of the "worst disasters in modern history for wildlife" because of its terrible results.

Fires unprecedented for Australia in terms of duration and intensity, are being propagated., and burned an estimated 18.6 million hectares, destroyed over 5900 buildings and killed at least 34 people…

2. Volcano/ Philippines

On January 12, an explosion of a volcano in the Philippines caused a gush of hot lava alongside an eruption of ash and steam.

Forcing villagers to flee and closing schools and offices at Manila International Airport.

There were no immediate reports of casualties or major damage from a tall volcanic eruption south of the capital.

But ash clouds were observed over 100 kilometers, (62 miles) northward.

3. Devastating floods in Indonesia

Floods in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta and nearby towns on the early hours of January 1.

It killed 66 people and forced almost 400 000 to flee their homes.

About 182 neighborhoods were submerged in the greater area of the city.

Flooding thousands of houses and buildings, including the presidential palace and transportation networks.

Only night Rains, were able to overflow the rivers of the Jakarta metropolitan area.

And it is sending muddy water up to five feet deep into residential and commercial areas.

Several died of hypothermia and electric Shock…

4. Earthquakes in turkey and the Caribbean

A total of 41 people were killed and more than 1600 were injured in eastern turkey.

After an earthquake (6.7 magnitude quake) rattled the region of Sivrice on January 24th.

Turkey's President of Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD), said about 1607 people were hospitalized.

On January 28, another powerful earthquake (magnitude 7.7) struck The Caribbean.

Triggering brief tsunami warnings and the evacuation of offices as far away as Florida.

How is your year 2020 going so far???

Any plane crashes in the bucket? ... Sure…

5. Pakistan airliner crash

A Pakistan international airlines flight crashed into houses in Karachi on may 22nd killing 97 people.

Miraculously two passengers survived the crash.

Airbus has opened an investigation into the plane's strange behavior around takeoff.

One crash wasn't enough? There is also…

6. Death of Kobe Bryant

On January 26th Kobe Bryant one of the NBA's all-time greatest players, was killed at age 41 in a helicopter crash.

The crash was near Los Angeles along with his daughter and 7 others on board.

It was reported by the local media that Bryant and his companions were on their way to a sports academy in California;,

In the nearby town of Thousand Oaks) to coach his daughter's basketball team...

What else is this year missing? ... Bring the Riots

7. US further polarized by George Floyd Killing

At the end of May and beginning of June, massive demonstrations took place in the United States.

Provoked by the assassination of George Floyd in Minnesota, which divided opinion in an already polarized country.

The group of critics mainly judged the violence between the police and the demonstrators, along with some looting. As evidence that law and order had been lost.

Donald Trump, president of the US railed against left-wing group Antifa and others., and reportedly wanted to send in 10 000 US troops to clear the streets.

It was shown a similar dynamic in European countries such as the UK.

Where Black Lives Matter protesters are also protesting against racial injustice, and police brutality… and on the other side of the world…

8. Communal riots in Delhi

The 2020 Delhi riots included multiple waves of bloodshed. Property destruction and rioting that killed 53 people.

The majority was Muslims who were shot slashed with repeated blows, or set on fire by Hindu mobs in North East Delhi, beginning of February 23rd.

Paramilitary forces, primarily the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and the Rapid Action Force (FAR), were deployed in the clashes.

The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, dangerous rhetoric used by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Delhi municipal elections,.

And incitement by a BJP leader were the main cause of the events.

After violently evicting a group of Muslims who were blocking a road in the northwest of the capital to protest the legislation.

Now something we are all aware of…

9. Coronavirus pandemic

The outbreak of coronavirus or covid19 is one 2020 calamity that has caused significant human suffering and major global economic disruption.

The outbreak was first identified in Wuhan a city in china's Hubei province in December 2019.

And it was recognized as a pandemic, on March 11 according to the world health organization.

Almost 276 000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in over 180 countries and territories on March 21.

Resulting in more than 11 400 deaths and 90 000 recoveries.

The virus fatality rate is low around 1 to 2 percent but it spreads easily, and the economic impacts... beginning to be felt are likely to have long lasting effects.

Something you may not know about…

10. Locusts swam in East Africa

Hundreds of billions of locusts have invaded parts of South Asia and East Africa.

Posing a real threat to the food supply of tens of millions of people.

Desert locusts could threaten the food security of 25 million people, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

What can occur being the size of a city are devastating for crops and pastures and devour everything in a few time.

And finally, a most recent event

11. Beirut explosion

A massive explosion shattered Beirut on August 4, 2020, compounding the ongoing political., and economic crisis that has gripped Lebanon throughout the past year.

The blast emanated from Beirut’s port. Where 2 750 tons of highly explosive ammonium nitrate was being stored.

Resulting about 157 people were killed, and over 6000 injured and hundreds of thousands were displaced.

Whole neighborhoods were shattered with estimates of more than 5 billion o dollars worth of damage

According to prime Minister Hassan Diab's government the explosion reignited anti-government protests.

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