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Most important facts to know about the president Joe Biden



Life in America has been turned upside down and shaken., but our history has seen tough times like this before and he was there to answer the call.

Because when we took office in 2009, we were going through what was then the worst financial and economic crisis since the great depression.

The economy was hemorrhaging hundreds of thousands of jobs a week.

People were losing their homes to foreclosures; the financial system was not in tatters… car sales had fallen to near-zero levels.

the president Joe Biden

During this period, the auto companies were facing bankruptcy and many said that they should be left to their own devices. 

Unlike Joe who always remembered his father and what it meant to lose a job.

The life of Joe Biden

Joe was the first of the Finnegans and the Bidens, who were Irish Catholics.

Joe has a sister Valerie, who said "as soon as I opened my eyes, my big brother was there, the most important thing was family, family and family".

As the post-war bomb fell, Joe's father was forced to move to Scranton for work (140 miles south), there was a boiler cleaning job in Wilmington.

Joe's sister said, "Dad came up to Joe in our room and said, 'Joe, you must be a big boy.

"It was the first time I've ever seen the heavy burden on a father and it was a the lesson he'll never forget," said Joe Biden.

The job is a lot more than a paycheck is about dignity

Thousands of jobs had been loosed in America, a day and they needed three votes to pass the economic rescue package.

When the law was finally enacted, the president called his partner to manage the program.

Joe brought his heart to the job, tracking every dollar, calling mayors and governors by talking to them face-to-face on the phone, and giving them his cell phone.

It's very important that you keep in mind the family you want and are trying to reach, and the neighborhood you are trying to reach.

The people whose lives are affected by what you are doing; the skills that had made it so effective didn't come easily.

When Joe went to school; there was a problem.

Joe Biden was forced to go out and get the three Republican votes he needed.

As a result, Joe went back to the most appropriate place for him, where he showed real effectiveness: 

sympathetic listening, passionate arguments..., willingness to make adjustments and accommodations to get people on board. 

Joe had a stutter and it's mortifying it allows that child to become an object to ridicule when his teacher mimicked him, and Joe ran home from school.

His mother drove him back did you say to my son Mr. Bubba, the nun said: “I was just trying to make a point”.

Joe's mother got up five feet from her; and she said to her, "You ever talk to my son like that again; I'll come back and rip that damn hat off your head. 

Do you understand me?"

Biden go back to class and resolved to overcome his stutter some letters are harder than others and he used to get up at night., and go stand in front of the mirror with a flashlight and practice.

Joe said: “She'd make me look her in the eye look at me, remember Joe you're the smartest boy that class nobody's better than you Joe.” 

Having to deal with stuttering it gave me insight into other people's pain, other people's suffering.

Joe Biden is a 29-year-old Democrat, but the excitement quickly became a tragedy.

It was clear that he had decided that he would not be a senator and that the boys needed him too much.

He was ready to leave in 1973 and men like Ted Kennedy and Mike Mansfield was at Humphrey Fritz Hollings they convinced him to stay for six months".

Biden remembers that by staying six months he couldn't let suffering make him weak, just as he couldn't let stuttering define him; it's the backbone.

There's something bigger than Joe's suffering; the Senate turned out to be a wonderful place for him; he had a real gift for bringing people.

Biden the father

Joe Biden is a good loving father, that’s mean there's nothing more important to Joe than his children., it's hard to explain how ever-present he was in our lives.


Biden the father

You couldn’t t guess what my dad believes a great benefit of being my father.

Is the fact that he doesn't have to contort himself into people at different times.

He was going to do fine things I mean he had it all, and then he got sick the whole world tilted and it felt like we were all falling off once again.

When we had losing my brother, my father understanding that you have to have a purpose every day. 

I get up I ask myself I hope he's proud of me because that's that makes me move.

Since Joe's time in the Senate and then the White House, he has always found a way to forge unlikely friendships and alliances., and each time he has made progress possible.

He has always kept in his heart the struggles of his family and every family fighting for the unity of his country.

It's a very unique and strong quality to bring your empathy skills to the process of governing.

Joe Biden never forgets that the main goal is to keep the wheels of government turning.

He will keep the word that he will reach out and hear what other people should say to have somebody who believes in what's best in us.

Somebody like Joe Biden who actually believes in the American idea, that's the kind of person who I won in the white house.

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